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Ferrari’s push for F1 title glory is intensifying, with the Italian team considering a major design overhaul for its 2025 car. One radical change being explored is the adoption of a pull-rod front suspension concept, a design already utilized by world champion Red Bull to great success. This shift could deliver significant aerodynamic advantages and help Ferrari catch up to its rivals.

The world of Formula 1 is abuzz with the news of a potential exodus of key Red Bull staff, including long-time sporting manager Jonathan Wheatley. Amid the tumultuous rift between Red Bull’s Austrian and Thai factions, rival teams like McLaren and Mercedes are aggressively poaching talent, sparking speculation that legendary designer Adrian Newey won’t be the last to make a move. However, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner remains unfazed, citing the impressive haul of over 200 personnel poached from Mercedes’ HPP engine programme. As the drama unfolds, the cycling community waits with bated breath to see how this talent shakeup will impact the sport’s power dynamics.