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As Pietro Fittipaldi gears up for another thrilling Indy 500, his pre-race rituals have undergone a significant transformation. The 27-year-old Brazilian driver now focuses on the energy emanating from the crowd, drawing motivation from the roar of the spectators. Fittipaldi’s meticulous preparation, strategic fueling, and 5-Hour Energy boosts have him primed to tackle the challenges of the Indy 500 head-on.

Kyle Larson is determined to make his mark in the prestigious Indy 500, but the unpredictable weather conditions and tight schedule have led to contingency plans being put in place. As he navigates the dual challenges of the Indy 500 and the NASCAR Cup Series 600-mile race, Larson faces obstacles similar to those encountered by road racers, cyclocross athletes, and endurance cyclists, requiring adaptability and resourcefulness to succeed.