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Ferrari’s push for F1 title glory is intensifying, with the Italian team considering a major design overhaul for its 2025 car. One radical change being explored is the adoption of a pull-rod front suspension concept, a design already utilized by world champion Red Bull to great success. This shift could deliver significant aerodynamic advantages and help Ferrari catch up to its rivals.

On a day devoid of action at the Monaco GP, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen struggled to make an impact, finishing sixth in a race that saw no changes in the top 10. Verstappen, one of the few drivers to opt for a second tire change, successfully countered Lewis Hamilton’s undercut attempt but failed to overtake George Russell’s Mercedes despite having a significant tire advantage. The world champion is now open to sharing his opinions on potential layout changes to improve the racing experience at the iconic circuit.

As the Monaco road racing weekend unfolded, a recurring issue plagued the event – banner coverings on the Armco barriers around the Monte Carlo street circuit repeatedly coming loose. The problem led to multiple incidents during qualifying, with drivers like Lando Norris expressing frustration. The FIA has now stepped in, instructing marshals to remove loose banners and vowing to completely remove branding in some areas for the race to prevent further disruptions.

Haas’s Formula 1 machines have been disqualified from the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying session due to a breach of DRS clearance regulations. The team’s new rear wing specification failed to comply with the maximum allowed opening, leading to a penalty and the loss of their qualifying results. This incident bears resemblance to previous technical infringements in F1, highlighting the importance of meticulous engineering and compliance with the sport’s regulations.

The world of Formula 1 is abuzz with the news of a potential exodus of key Red Bull staff, including long-time sporting manager Jonathan Wheatley. Amid the tumultuous rift between Red Bull’s Austrian and Thai factions, rival teams like McLaren and Mercedes are aggressively poaching talent, sparking speculation that legendary designer Adrian Newey won’t be the last to make a move. However, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner remains unfazed, citing the impressive haul of over 200 personnel poached from Mercedes’ HPP engine programme. As the drama unfolds, the cycling community waits with bated breath to see how this talent shakeup will impact the sport’s power dynamics.

In a surprising move, Ferrari has announced that Xavi Marcos, Charles Leclerc’s race engineer since 2019, will be stepping down from his role ahead of the Emilia Romagna GP. This development comes after a series of tense exchanges between Leclerc and Marcos, and raises questions about the team’s future direction as speculation swirls around Lewis Hamilton’s potential arrival at Ferrari in 2025.